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 A trademark is a distinctive sign of some kind which is used or intended to be used by any person, business organization, or other legal entity to uniquely distinguish its goods or services from those of others. A trademark is eligible for registration if it is distinctive, as to words, letters, numbers, figures, colors, or other signs or any combination thereof.

There are two primary purposes behind trademark law. First, a trademark protects consumers and allows them to identify the source of the goods or services. Thus, a trademark prohibits the likelihood of consumer confusion. Without the identifying properties of a trademark, consumers would lack the ability to distinguish the products that they have preferred and purchased in the past from a competitor's products. Second, trademark law allows business owners to make investment into their business' goodwill without fear of others profiting from it.

In the area of trademark, our office provides a full range of services, such as:
Conducting trademark searches and advising on the availability of trademarks, and possible conflicts.
Filing and prosecuting trademarks applications up to registration.
Recordal of amendments, change of name/address, mergers and acquisitions.
Opposition, appeal and cancellation proceedings.
Drafting and recordal of assignments and trademark licensing agreements.
Infringement and anti-counterfeiting proceedings.
Renewal of trademark registration.
Trademarks watching services
Provide the client with agency procedures and drafting agreements for the same

We provide our clients with a Trademark Watching Service whereby local markets are continuously searched for marks imitating those of our clients. In case of any infringing signs, a detailed report including recommendations will be issued and sent to you.

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