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Acto Mark provides registration, enforcement, watching, licensing and counselling services related to copyrights, as well as guidance and advice as to copyright issues and "fair use" principles.

We work with clients to devise copyright protection strategies of proprietary works including computer software, database and website design and content, music and other creative works. Our expertise also includes the provision of advice on infringement and copyright dispute resolution.

The authors of the works and holders of neighbouring rights shall enjoy the protection stipulated by the law herein, if an infringement has occurred upon their rights inside the State, and particularly the following works:
  1. Books, pamphlets, articles, and other written works.
  2. Computer software and applications thereof; databases; and similar works as determined by the decision of the Minister.
  3. Lectures, speeches, sermons, and any other works of similar nature.
  4. Dramatic, musical works and pantomime.
  5. Musical compositions with or without words.
  6. Audio, visual or audio-visual works.
  7. Architectural works, and engineering drawings and layouts.
  8. Works of drawing, painting, sculpture, engravings, lithography, printing on textiles, wood and metals, and any similar works of fine arts.
  9. Photographic works and analogous works.
  10. Works of applied arts and plastic arts.
  11. Illustrations, geographical maps, sketches, and three- dimensional works relative to geography, topography or architecture and others.
  12. Derivative works, without prejudice to the protection prescribed for the works from which it has been derived.
Protection shall include the title of the work, provided that such title is innovated; as well as the written innovated idea of the broadcast.

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